Unleashing Performance and Style: Exploring Forgeline’s Two-Piece Carbon+Forged Wheels

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In the world of automotive customization, wheels play a vital role in enhancing both performance and style. With advancements in technology, Forgeline has consistently pushed the boundaries to offer innovative solutions. One such example is the Forgeline Carbon+Forged Series of two-piece hybrid carbon fiber/forged aluminum wheels. These wheels have garnered attention and admiration from enthusiasts and professionals alike. And in this article, we’ll delve into the key features, benefits, and safety aspects of Forgeline two-piece carbon fiber Carbon+Forged wheels, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their unique qualities.

What are the Benefits of Forgeline Two-Piece Carbon+Forged Wheels?
Forgeline’s two-piece Carbon+Forged carbon fiber wheels are designed to bring together the best of performance, weight reduction, and customer-specific customization options. By utilizing carbon fiber construction for the barrel and precision-machined forged aluminum for the center, Forgeline achieves a winning combination that reduces unsprung weight, delivers customizable fitments, styles, and finish options, and provides exceptional strength and durability.

Reducing unsprung weight is a crucial factor in improving overall performance. With less weight to rotate (particularly weight located in the outermost barrel), the Carbon+Forged wheels carry less rotating inertia and can therefore respond more quickly to acceleration and braking, resulting in improved handling and better control. Additionally, the lighter wheels can contribute to enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced suspension stress, leading to a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Because the center of each Carbon+Forged wheel is precision-machined from forged aluminum, they can be more easily customized than a wheel that is made entirely of carbon fiber. This allows Forgeline to offer a variety of center styles and customize each set with a unique vehicle fitment and color finish that is specific to each customer order. This makes every set of Forgeline Carbon+Forged wheels completely unique per customer specifications.

Safety Aspects of Forgeline Two-Piece Carbon+Forged Wheels
Of course when engineering any wheel, safety is always a primary concern. And the same safety protocols developed throughout Forgeline’s 30+ years of experience in engineering racing wheels for the highest levels of motorsports are applied to the Carbon+Forged Series carbon fiber wheels, all of which are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent quality standards.

Forgeline utilizes advanced engineering techniques and materials to ensure optimal strength and durability. This is true not only for the custom forged 6061-T6 aluminum centers that Forgeline manufactures in-house for the Carbon+Forged wheels, but also for the proprietary carbon fiber barrels, which are manufactured by the United Kingdom’s Dymag, the leader in the carbon fiber wheel industry. Forgeline and Dymag collaborated over a three year period to develop the Carbon+Forged carbon fiber barrel, and the end result was exceptionally strong and highly resistant to impact and fatigue. Each wheel design is rigorously tested, and each wheel produced is subjected to stringent quality control measures to ensure that it exceeds industry safety standards. The combination of carbon fiber and forged aluminum results in a wheel that can withstand the most demanding driving conditions.

Two-Piece Carbon+Forged vs. Three-Piece Forged Aluminum Wheels
Both two-piece Carbon+Forged wheels and three-piece forged aluminum wheels are considered “modular wheels”, meaning that they are comprised of multiple components. But they each have unique advantages and limitations.

As the name would imply, a “two-piece” wheel is assembled from two pieces. In the case of the Forgeline Carbon+Forged wheels, these two pieces consist of a precision-machined forged 6061-T6 aluminum center combined with a single Dymag barrel made of carbon fiber. Each carbon fiber barrel is formed with a mounting flange that matches the rim register that is machined onto the aluminum center. And when placed together during assembly, the carbon fiber flange mates with the aluminum register, and the two parts are bolted together with forty lightweight American-made ARP fasteners. A two-piece Carbon+Forged wheel offers the benefit of the lightweight carbon fiber barrel and the fitment flexibility of a custom-machined center. However, it does not offer unlimited flexibility, because the location of the center mounting flange is fixed during the forming of the carbon fiber barrel, and this location cannot be adjusted beyond the design of the original tooling.

A “three-piece” wheel is, of course, assembled with three pieces. In this case, the three pieces consist of the precision-machined forged 6061-T6 aluminum center, a 6061-T6 spun aluminum inner rim section, and a 6061-T6 spun aluminum outer rim section. Each of these spun aluminum rim sections are formed with a mounting flange that corresponds with the rim register that is machined into the center. When all three pieces are placed together during assembly, then the rim flanges mate with the center register, and they are secured with American-made ARP fasteners. While the aluminum rim sections are not as lightweight as the carbon fiber barrel, they are widely available in most diameters between 17 to 22 inches and in half-inch width increments. As a result, the aluminum inner and outer rim sections can be combined with various width combinations to create virtually any fitment, backspace, frontspace, and offset. The aluminum rim sections can also be polished or powder coated, prior to final wheel assembly, to create virtually any custom finish combination.

In short, the three-piece modular forged aluminum wheel offers more fitment and finish flexibility, while the two-piece Carbon+Forged wheel offers some of the modular fitment and finish flexibility in combination with a significant weight savings and the latest in high-technology sophistication.

If you appreciate the world’s most advanced wheel technology, want to stand apart from the crowd with unique styling & finish options, and have the means to afford the very finest, then our made-to-order Carbon+Forged wheels are quite literally created just for you. Learn more about our growing Carbon+Forged Series wheel lineup (including sizes and pricing) at: https://forgeline.com/carbon-forged-series/c1867

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