Trans Am Announces New Forgeline and Pirelli Wheel/Tire Package

Forgeline and Trans Am are excited to usher in a new era of TA1-class wheel and tire technology, thanks to a revised 18-inch wheel and tire package provided by Trans Am Series partners Pirelli and Forgeline Motorsports. This new setup has been track-tested to deliver significantly improved lap times.

"We are very excited to welcome Forgeline as a valued Trans Am partner," said John Clagett, Trans Am Race Company president. "With the new updates, the Trans Am class cars will pick up speed, and also improve driveability and reduce heat to the wheel, tire and brakes. Once the cars have been tuned to the new tire, the class will become the fastest GT class in the world, while continuing to have the least amount of driver aids."

Forgeline Motorsports developed the new TA3R wheel specifically for Trans Am TA1-class racing applications. Forgeline was chosen, in part, thanks to our extensive 27 year history of motorsport wheel development at the highest levels of automotive racing.

Forgeline's TA3R wheel for the Trans Am series is manufactured in the USA, at our Dayton, Ohio manufacturing and engineering center. The TA3R is a custom made-to-order three piece wheel consisting of a wheel center that is precision-machined from a 6061-T6 aerospace forging, mated to modular 6061-T6 spun-aluminum outer barrels, and assembled with high-tech titanium fasteners. Each wheel is finished by hand and custom powder coated, prior to assembly, in virtually any possible combination of unique team-specified custom colors.

The TA3R is the latest evolution of Forgeline's GT wheel development program that has previously given birth to a long line of race-winning road course racing wheels. Though the TA3R was engineered through hours of Finite Element Analysis (FEA) specific to the geometry and cornering load demands of the Trans Am TA1-class race cars.

"Manufacturing wheels for the next generation of Trans Am racing is literally the realization of my childhood dreams, because Dave and I have always been racing fans, and we grew up watching Trans Am racing in the 1980s," says Forgeline founder and global sales manager Steve Schardt. "We couldn't be more excited about this opportunity to help Trans Am competitors move their performance threshold to the next level!"

Forgeline's TA3R wheel is available to order immediately and will take the green flag at the beginning of the 2022 Trans Am racing season.

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