Steve Loudin and Tom O'Gorman Win 2021 One Lap of America on Forgeline VX1R Wheels

Persistence and determination pay off. After 14 years of competing in the annual One Lap of America race (with varying degrees of success), Steve Loudin has won the 2021 One Lap of America race, along with co-driver Tom O’Gorman!

Driving Steve’s 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 on Forgeline one piece forged monoblock VX1R wheels, Steve and Tom managed to win at least one segment every day without suffering any mechanical issues. At the end of a grueling week that went from Indiana to Tennessee to Texas to Louisiana to Georgia to West Virginia and finally to Michigan, they finished with the fastest cumulative time, earning them both the SGT1-BB class and Overall victories!

A huge congrats to Steve and Tom, and thanks for trusting Forgeline to carry the load!

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