OE1 and OE2 Forged Aluminum "Steelie" Look Wheels Now Available Directly From Forgeline

Forgeline and Roadster Shop are happy to announce a new distribution arrangement which allows the Forgeline OE1 and OE2 wheels to be available directly through Forgeline Motorsports. Forgeline's OE1 and OE2 wheels were designed in collaboration with, and until now, were available exclusively through Roadster Shop. Beginning in February 2020, Forgeline will sell the OE1 and OE2 wheels through the entire Forgeline dealer and builder network.

The Forgeline OE1 and OE2 wheels are the embodiment of "old school cool" with a modern twist. The OE1 and OE2 wheels are custom made-to-order forged wheels that look like vintage "steelies", but because they are forged aluminum wheels designed for larger fitments and 21st-century cornering loads, they retain a vintage look while adding the performance and safety benefits of a modern wheel and tire combination.

Unlike other large diameter vintage steelie style wheels on the market, the OE1 and OE2 have been carefully designed to retain a proportional look, taking into account the cap and outer hoop scale, to ensure that the larger diameter wheel will look correct on your vehicle. The OE1 takes the vintage look even further with specially-machined centers that allow the use of original 10.5-inch style center caps without the need for fasteners or adhesives, while the OE2 is designed with unique centers to enhance the "capless" or bare steelie look.

The OE1 are OE2 are custom made-to-order three-piece wheels produced from forged 6061-T6 aluminum centers with heat-treated rim-shells and American-made stainless-steel ARP fasteners. Like any Forgeline wheel, they are fully customizable in fitment and finish. The OE1 and OE2 are available with a stepped lip outer in 18?, 19?, 20, and 22? sizes.

Learn more about the Forgeline OE1 wheel (including sizes and pricing) at: https://forgeline.com/wheel/oe1
And learn more about the Forgeline OE2 wheel (including sizes and pricing) at: https://forgeline.com/wheel/oe2

OE1 in Satin Black (without hubcap) OE1 in Satin Black (without hubcap)


Forgeline Forged Aluminum OE2 Finished with in Black OE2 Finished in Black

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