New Open Lug Sleek Cap

When we first engineered our Open Lug wheel concept, we envisioned it as a lightweight option for competitive racing applications, and we weren't concerned about covering the exposed mounting hub surface underneath. However, we quickly discovered that the aggressive Open Lug look was also popular with street car applications, where covering and protecting the exposed hub surface was a legitimate concern. So we got to work designing center cap options that can work with the Open Lug center.

Our latest option is this new Open Lug Sleek Cap. Unlike the original Motorsports Cap, the Sleek Cap is a low-profile (0.65 inch) center cap for our Open Lug style wheels that covers and protects the wheel mounting hub without protruding into the Open Lug pocket. This is a very limited-clearance cap that works well with modern-style hubs and will not accommodate a long spindle or stub axle. However, if you happen to have a hub and axle style that doesn't extend more than 0.65 inch beyond the hub face, then this new Open Lug Sleek Cap is a great-looking option!

Forgeline FF3C Open Lug with the optional Open Lug Sleek Cap Forgeline FF3C Open Lug with the optional Open Lug Sleek Cap

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