New Forgeline Flow Formed F01 Wheels Are Here!

Everyone deserves a high-quality wheel that delivers style and performance. But not everyone needs or can afford a custom made-to-order forged wheel that was engineered for the highest levels of professional road racing. But is it possible to deliver a high-quality performance street wheel at an affordable price?

After more than five years of extensive research, engineering, and testing, we believe that our brand new Flow Formed Series proves that answer is YES!

The Manufacturing Process
Forgeline Flow Formed Series wheels are 100% designed and engineered by Forgeline, in our Dayton, Ohio headquarters, and manufactured by our performance and quality-proven partner. Over the last five years, we’ve developed our newest series of wheels utilizing advanced flow forming techniques and processes reserved for only the highest quality wheels, in this category. We start with a tuned Tilted Gravity Cast (TGC) method; yielding an initial casting that is both stronger and lighter than common methods used by many other flow formed wheels. The barrel is then formed using the newest Cold Vertical Flow Form Technology. This maintains a steadier spin angle and consistent material temperature to deliver a higher quality result and better overall material structure compared to common hot, horizontal processes.

The F01 Wheel
The resulting Flow Formed F01 wheels not only look great but are appropriately lightweight and have a street tire load rating of 1500 pounds per wheel. With decades of engineering race wheels, we’ve taken this expertise and dedicated years to developing the best out-of-the-box, high-quality performance street wheel that is both budget and time friendly. 100% Forgeline designed and 100% Forgeline engineered!

Flow Formed F01 20x12 in Anthracite with Optional Black Ice Center Cap Flow Formed F01 20x12 in Anthracite with Optional Black Ice Center Cap

Our Flow Formed F01 wheels are currently available in 19 and 20-inch vehicle-specific fitments for the 5th/6th generation Chevrolet Camaro, C6/C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, C8 Chevrolet Corvette, S197/S550 Ford Mustang GT, and 997/991 5-Lug Porsche 911 Carrera applications. We've engineered three different levels of concavity, in order to best accommodate each of these applications: shallow, medium, and deep. And available finish options include Anthracite, Liquid Silver, and Black Ice (+$200).

The full list of fitments, sizing, and pricing is at the link below, but new applications are in continuous development. So if you don’t see the fitment that you need, then Contact Us and ask us to add it to the engineering queue!

Learn More About the Forgeline Flow Formed F01 Wheel Here!

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