New 20×5.0-inch Skinny Sizes

The positive response to our Drag Racing Series has been overwhelming, and our forged monoblock “skinny” wheels have happily become the new standard by which drag racing skinny wheels are judged. Our commitment to this market also means that we are continuing to develop new models and sizes as quickly as possible in order to meet a wide variety of fitment and performance expectations. So we are very proud to announce new 20×5.0-inch forged monoblock skinny wheel sizes for the SS1R Skinny, GS1R Skinny, CF1R Skinny, SC1 Skinny, and GS1R 6-Lug Skinny. These new sizes are available to order, effective immediately. Learn more about our range of forged monoblock skinny wheels (including sizes & pricing) in our Drag Racing Series here:

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