Life in the Fast Lane at the 2021 MITM Elite

It was a wild weekend of racing, at the 2021 MITM Elite drag and roll racing event at World Wide Technology Raceway, in St Louis, MO, on July 21-24. This invitation-only event featured some of the fastest cars in the country, many reaching speeds over 200mph. And it was great to see some of the fastest cars were putting down the power through Forgeline forged monoblock beadlock wheels.

This was the first major event of this kind attended by our Forgeline team, and to say the least, we were impressed. The event itself was an impressive feat pulled off against the odds by the MITM team. And of course, we were awed by the level of performance and engineering displayed by each of the teams and the vehicles who competed. But most of all, we were impressed by the people who welcomed us with open arms and blessed us with their camaraderie.

We left MITM Elite in St Louis even more excited about the opportunities ahead of us, in the drag racing and roll racing markets. It was a great to interact with and learn from each of the competitors and teams, and we look forward to being an even bigger part of this fast-growing community!

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