Forgeline Introduces Forged Monoblock Single Beadlock Wheel Technology at the 2019 PRI Show

After more than 25 years of producing the most highly regarded and technically advanced wheels for professional road racing applications, Dayton, Ohio's Forgeline Motorsports has directed their experience and capability toward the drag racing industry and developed the all Forged Beadlock Wheel.

This new technology is set to debut this week, at the 2019 PRI Show, in Indianapolis, Indiana. The PRI Show is where Forgeline will unveil two examples of their new technology, including the "GS1R Beadlock" wheel and the "CF1R Beadlock" wheel.

Unlike most traditional drag racing wheels, Forgeline's new Forged Monoblock Single Beadlock wheels are carved entirely in one piece from a single forging of 6061-T6 aluminum using an advanced precision machining process. This forged monoblock technology has proven successful, for many years, at the highest levels of road racing, and Forgeline is excited to apply it to beadlock wheels for straight line racing applications.

In fact, these new wheels are very similar to several of their track-proven road racing wheels with one big exception: They have been re-engineered to include a special bolt-on beadlock ring that, like the wheel itself, is also precision-machined from forged 6061-T6 aluminum. This forged aluminum ring holds the tire securely in place, to limit unwanted tire slip against the wheel, and to keep the tire from unseating, at very high speeds. The forged beadlock ring is secured to the wheel with a series of 21 standard American-made ARP stainless steel bolts. And Forgeline also offers an optional upgrade to lightweight titanium bolts, for those who wish to save every last ounce of weight.

Forgeline's forged monoblock wheel technology has several big performance advantages over traditional modular technology, including:

  • One piece wheel with no welding or assembly bolts

  • Machined to close tolerances to be smooth and vibration free

  • Custom made for each individual customer and each unique vehicle application

  • Exceptionally stiff structurally

  • Provides exceptional brake clearance for applications with large diameter disc brakes.

  • Available in any color

  • 100% manufactured in the USA


"This is a product that came about as an engineering challenge in response to specific customer needs," explains Forgeline president David Schardt. "More and more of our customers are using their sports cars for drag racing and mile or half mile racing events. And as they got more serious about it, many of them wanted to try a beadlock wheel, but they were unhappy with the options on the market. They wanted something with true custom fitments and a higher performance level. Our engineering team decided that this was a solvable problem. We just had to sit down and come at it from a new perspective."

"We can't wait to show these off at the PRI Show, in Indianapolis", says Forgeline global sales manager Steve Schardt. "The PRI Show is the motorsports show. All kinds of motorsports; road racers, drag racers, off-road racers, you name it. So it's the perfect venue to launch a solution like this for the drag racers and mile racers. I think this is going to be big, and it's going to prove to be the right solution for a lot of customers."

Forgeline's new One Piece Forged Monoblock GS1R Beadlock and CF1R Beadlock wheels are available to order immediately in 17 inch diameters in widths ranging from 8.5 to 11 inches and in 18 inch diameters in widths ranging from 10 to 13 inches. 19 inch diameters will be available beginning in the spring of 2020.

Learn more about the GS1R Beadlock (including sizes and pricing) at: And learn more about the CF1R Beadlock (including sizes and pricing) at:

You can see all of the new Forgeline Forged Monoblock Single Beadlock wheels on display, at the 2019 PRI Show, in Indianapolis, Indiana from December 12-14. Visit the Forgeline booth in the Green Hall, booth #547. Learn more at:

GS1R Beadlock Finished in Pearl Gray with a Transparent Blue Ring and New Open Lug Cap

GS1R Beadlock Finished in All Midnight Silver with No Cap Option

GS1R Beadlock Finished in Tinted Clear with a Transparent Red Ring and Sleek Cap

CF1R Beadlock in Brushed Bronze with Gloss Black Ring and Optional Sleek Cap

CF1R Beadlock Finished in Brushed Bronze with Brushed Ring

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