Forgeline Helps Goodyear Launch Airless Tire Technology

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In what might seem like science fiction, Goodyear has made significant progress in the field of airless tire technology, and Forgeline is proud to have contributed to the development effort.

Goodyear has already launched their airless tire technology in several different off-road transit applications (including robo shuttles and micro-delivery vehicles), but they are now planning to introduce DOT-approved airless tires to the market by 2030. Goodyear has publicly shared photos and video of their airless tire undergoing testing on a Telsa Model 3 equipped with a special Forgeline modular wheel.

Goodyear’s airless tire is comprised of three components: The “shearband” which includes the tread; the “connecting web” which supports the load; and the wheel which allows attachment to the vehicle. Forgeline manufactured a unique modular wheel for this application using a center based upon our GA3R Open Lug racing wheel.

Airless tire technology has several practical advantages, including more consistent performance characteristics, fewer maintenance requirements, longer lifespans, and reduced waste stream impacts due to punctures or road damage.

“This is an exciting project for a variety of reasons,” according to Forgeline president Dave Schardt. “Airless is clearly a part of the future of tire technology, so it’s been fun and interesting to see how it works now. And we also greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with Goodyear, another iconic American manufacturer based here in Ohio. We’ve learned a lot, and we’re looking forward to watching this technology continue to advance.”

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