Forgeline Debuts 3 New Wheels Prior to the 2019 SEMA Show

Even though we will not be exhibiting in Las Vegas, this year, our engineering team at Forgeline has nevertheless worked VERY hard, over the past few months, to complete several brand new wheel designs. The first batch of three designs has now been released, just in time for the 2019 SEMA Show (with another batch expected to debut at the 2019 PRI Show). All three of these new styles represent an evolution in Forgeline wheel design toward a stronger visual impact and even more complex machining details. We're excited to present the brand new NW102, NW103, and AL306!

NW102 (One Piece Monoblock Series)
The striking NW102 continues the exciting evolution in Forgeline monoblock design. It delivers cutting-edge styling with fifteen multi-dimensional spokes, including five split spokes that span integrated lug holes with strong chamfered edges and five more unique grooved single spokes that reach outward beyond the lug holes. The NW102’s complex machining details are a testament to Forgeline engineering and create a wheel that is truly a form of functional industrial art. The NW102 will make its public debut, at the 2019 SEMA Show on the Webasto Ford Mustang, located front and center in the Ford exhibit within Central Hall. And it will be among the wheels on display at the Global Auto Salon, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, later this month! See more (including sizes and pricing) at:

NW103 (One Piece Monoblock Series)
The amazing NW103 pushes Forgeline monoblock design another big step forward and stands as a stunning manifestation of how far Forgeline engineering and manufacturing capabilities have evolved, over the past quarter century! It delivers cutting-edge styling with five split V-spokes that span integrated lug holes with intricate multi-dimensional edges, each featuring a distinctive cutout along the spoke’s inner edge. The NW103 includes a deep chamfered outer edge that is precision-engraved with “Forgeline Motorsports”, “Monoblock”, “Forged 6061-T6”, and “Made in USA”. Pictures cannot do the NW103 justice, and you will want to see it in person to truly appreciate its brilliance. The NW103 will be among the wheels on display at the Global Auto Salon, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, later this month! See more (including sizes and pricing) at:

AL306 (AL Series)
Based upon our original 5-lug AL301, the 6-lug AL306 is engineered specifically for the high-performance 6-lug supercar. The AL306 offers cutting-edge styling with a unique precision-machined forged 6061-T6 aluminum center featuring a lightweight racing-inspired six Y-spoke forged aluminum center design with aggressive I-beam machining details. These concave spokes are tapered and extend beyond the rim register to reach out over the step of the AL306’s modular aluminum outer rim shell. And it’s 6-lug hub center makes the AL306 perfect for the Dodge Viper or other 6-lug sport & luxury applications! See more (including sizes and pricing) at:

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