Forgeline Becomes PRI Founding Member

After 35 years as an integral part of the automotive racing marketplace, Performance Racing Industry (PRI) has introduced a groundbreaking membership program for motorsports professionals that is designed to unite the industry behind a number of important efforts, including legislative advocacy, business resources, career development, educational opportunities, cost savings, and more. Available to all businesses throughout the racing and performance industry (and soon to individuals too, starting in July 2021), PRI’s landmark initiative creates a uniform voice that speaks directly and solely to the interests of the racing community.

Forgeline started in 1994 as a manufacturer of American-made forged wheels that were designed specifically for the road racing community. And throughout our company history, PRI has been an important part of our effort to serve the global racing community, including, perhaps most notably, the annual PRI Trade Show that takes place every year in Indianapolis, Indiana. So we are proud to announce that we have joined the PRI community as a Founding Member.

“Racing has been the foundation of our business since we started over 27 years ago and with all the talk of regulation and other issues it faces these days, we would like to do all we can to help PRI continue to build, promote, and protect the community. Thanks for all you do,” said Forgeline President David Schardt.

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