A Better Wheel: SCCA SportsCar Magazine, June 2016

Way back in 1994, Forgeline Motorsports started in the business of making custom made-to-order wheels for the road racing market. And since day one, we've been acutely aware of the unique engineering requirements that are necessary to withstand competitive racing applications. Along the way, we've made it our mission to engineer and manufacture the highest quality wheels that are suitable for competitive motorsports and to inform and educate the racing community about the importance of selecting wheels that are appropriate for their application. So we embraced the opportunity to collaborate with the team at SCCA's SportsCar Magazine to share some of our technical insight, in their article entitled "A Better Wheel" that appeared in the June 2016 issue.In it, we try to identify some of the technical factors that affect a wheel's load rating and compare the performance of various material alternatives. The bottom line is that not all wheels are created equal. Materials, design, and even tire selection can all dramatically affect a wheel's lifespan and performance on track.With permission from SportsCar, we've attached the entire article in PDF format above. Just click the "View PDF Document" button to download the complete article.

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