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Bernhard Weber

When Bernhard first started taking his Mercedes C63 AMG 507 Edition to the track, it was equipped with another set of custom made-to-order forged wheels from a different high-end brand (NOT Forgeline). But unfortunately, on his very first day at the track, that other set of wheels couldn't handle the loads that were encountered, during a day of sustained high speed cornering, so they cracked and self-destructed. So with the help of Cincinnati, Ohio's Turn in Concepts, he switched gears and invested in a set of wheels that was truly designed for motorsport applications, these Forgeline GA1R Open Lug Cap Edition wheels finished in Satin Black. Now he can attack the track with confidence!
Owner: Bernhard Weber
Make: Mercedes Benz
Model: C63 AMG
Year: 2014
State: OH

GA1R Open Lug Cap

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