Hoosier A6

Hoosier A6

Hoosier A6
After extensive track testing, this new model, called the R6 for use on road race courses and the A6 for autocross competitions, will give the customer significant performance advantages over the previous models. The A6 tire has both a new construction and a new tread compound.

The new A6 produces crisper steering response and improved transitional performance. The new construction also provides increased overall grip and greater stability at the higher limits of adhesion allowing the driver to apply more power with confidence. The improved tread compound on the A6 tires will deliver more consistent run times over a longer exposure to heat than the previous A3S05 compound.

Testing of the new A6 tires has confirmed less degradation of grip after several runs. Testing of the new A6 tires has also produced better overall wear due to improved tread profiles and the increase in overall grip.

Vehicle size
Recommended Hot Pressure
Cold Pressure

1800-2200 lbs.

2200-2600 lbs.

2600-3000 lbs.

over 3000 lbs.

+Higher pressures will improve the performance capability but will require a more sensitive feel to take advantage of the increase.

One characteristic of the tires is the tendency to "skate" initially (when inflation pressures are correct). It is important to resist lowering the pressure to attempt to eliminate this feeling. Dropping the pressure too far may improve the "feel" of the tire however it will also lower the performance and increase the wear rate.

Autocross applications

For autocross applications, your starting pressure for the first run should be within 1-2 psi of the recommended hot pressures shown above. After the first run and each subsequent run, keep resetting the pressures back to your target hot pressures before taking the next run. This way your tires are at the proper pressure during the bulk of every run you take.

The above chart is a general recommendation which is intended for a standard configuration vehicle (i.e. front engine, rear wheel drive). Factors which can radically affect your pressure set up would include front wheel drive, independent rear suspension, rear engine, McPherson vs. control arm front suspension.

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 Hoosier A6

  Size Description Qty Price Add
  A61934530 345/30ZR19 D-26.8 SW-14.1 $461.00
  A61932530 325/30ZR19 D-26.8 SW-13.6 $449.00
  A61931530 315/30ZR19 D-26.1 SW-12.5 $449.00
  A61929535 295/35ZR19 D-27.3 SW-11.5 $389.00
  A61929530 295/30ZR19 D-26.1 SW-11.5 $380.00
  A61926535 265/35ZR19 D-26.2 SW-10.4 $366.00
  A61923535 235/35ZR19 D-25.6 SW-10.2 $352.00
  A61834535 345/35ZR18 D-26.8 SW-13.9 $419.00
  A61833530 335/30ZR18 D-25.6 SW-13.5 $405.00
  A61831530 315/30ZR18 D-25.6 SW-12.5 $369.00
  A61829540 295/40ZR18 D-27.3 SW-11.5 $360.00
  A61829530 295/30ZR18 D-25.3 SW-11.6 $358.00
  A61828530 285/30ZR18 D-24.9 SW-11.5 $356.00
  A61827535 275/35ZR18 D-25.5 SW-10.7 $334.00
  A61825535 255/35ZR18 D-24.8 SW-10.8 $334.00
  A61824540 245/40ZR18 D-25.7 SW-10.5 $325.00
  A61824535 245/35ZR18 D-24.7 SW-9.8 $325.00
  A61822540 225/40ZR18 D-24.8 SW-9.5 $312.00
  A61733535 335/35ZR17 D-25.6 SW-13.6 $362.00
  A61731535 315/35ZR17 D-25.6 SW-12.6 $350.00
  A61729535 295/35ZR17 D-25.3 SW-11.6 $333.00
  A61727540 275/40ZR17 D-25.5 SW-11.0 $312.00
  A61725545 255/45ZR17 D-26.2 SW-10.8 $282.00
  A61724540 245/40ZR17 D-24.5 SW-10.0 $282.00
  A61722545 225/45ZR17 D-24.7 SW-9.7 $272.00
  A61722540 225/40ZR17 D-23.8 SW-9.8 $272.00
  A61627545 275/45ZR16 D-25.6 SW-11.2 $282.00
  A61625550 255/50ZR16 D-26.2 SW-10.5 $267.00
  A61624545 245/45ZR16 D-24.7 SW-10.1 $261.00
  A61622550 225/50ZR16 D-24.7 SW-9.5 $244.00
  A61620545 205/45ZR16 D-22.8 SW-8.7 $244.00
  A61527535 275/35ZR15 D-23.0 SW-10.8 $282.00
  A61522545 225/45ZR15 D-22.9 SW-9.8 $242.00
  A61520550 205/50ZR15 D-22.8 SW-8.7 $234.00
  A61422550 225/50ZR14 D-22.9 SW-9.4 $231.00
  A61420555 205/55ZR14 D-22.8 SW-9.1 $219.00
  A61325540 255/40ZR13 D-20.9 SW-10.5 $230.00
  A61322550 225/50ZR13 D-21.9 SW-9.4 $209.00
  A61322545 225/45ZR13 D-20.9 SW-9.3 $209.00
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