:IRF - Powder Coated Inner Rim Shell

:IRF - Powder Coated Inner Rim Shell

Forgeline powder coats the inner rim shell of all street wheels, including those from the Concave Series, Performance Series, Premier Series, and Grip Equipped Series. This not only adds a finishing touch but also protects the inner from brake dust and other elements, helping to keep your wheels looking new. Custom colors are also available at an additional charge.

Standard colors include:
  • Silver

  • Gunmetal

  • Satin Gunmetal

  • Titanium

  • Graphite

  • Matte Graphite

  • Gloss Black

  • Satin Black

  • Matte Black
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Note: If you do not see your application listed below or would like to request a quote on a custom fitment,
please click here to fill out our Custom Fitment Application Guide.


 Powder Coated Inner Rim Shell- Premier Series

  Size Description Qty Price Add
  INPCPSI Silver $0.00
  INPCPHYPSILV Hyper Silver $0.00
  INPCPGB Gloss Black $0.00
  INPCPSB Satin Black $0.00
  INPCPMB Matte Black $0.00
  INPCPGRPH Graphite $0.00
  INPCPMGRPH Matte Graphite $0.00
  INPCPGN Gunmetal $0.00
  INPCPSGN Satin Gunmetal $0.00
  INPCPTI Titanium $0.00
  INPCPCU Special Color $75.00

 Powder Coated Inner Rim Shell - Competition Wheels

  Size Description Qty Price Add
  INPCCSI Silver- Option $75.00
  INPCCGB Gloss Black- Option $75.00
  INPCCSB Satin Black - Option $75.00
  INPCCMB Matte Black -Option $75.00
  INPCCGRPH Graphite - Option $75.00
  INPCCMGRPH Matte Graphite - Option $75.00
  INPCCGN Gunmetal - Option $75.00
  INPCCSGN Satin Gunmetal - Option $75.00
  INPCCTI Titanium - Option $75.00
  INXPCCCU Custom Color - Option $90.00

 Inner Rim Shell Finish

  Size Description Qty Price Add
  INPCTRRED Transparent Red - Option $175.00
  INPCTRBLU Transparent Blue - Option $175.00
  INPCTRCOP Transparent Copper - Option $175.00
  INPCTGLDTR Tinted Gold Transparent - Option $175.00
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