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Road Trip Cars and Cones Day 3 Trivia Contest

Attention all Road Trip Cars & Cone Participants: Are you still dreaming about earning that free set of Forgeline wheels? If so, then here is your second qualifying challenge. Wheels are critical components for both performance AND safety. As such, they are too important to gamble on a supplier with unknown credentials. In fact, you might be alarmed to learn that many wheel brands don’t even build their own products or have their own engineering or manufacturing capability. But Forgeline wheels are manufactured in the USA, and virtually the entire process (engineering, lathe turning, milling, powder coating, final assembly, and packaging) is done in-house, under our own roof. Can you name the city and state that we call home? The first THREE people who can find Sherri Schardt and tell her where Forgeline wheels are made will earn a free Forgeline t-shirt and secure their spot in the final Forgeline Trivia Contest! Good luck! (Note: We’re just looking for the general metro area, but bonus points for you, if you can identify our specific metro suburb and if you can tell us what kind of business our facility was originally built to accommodate.)

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