Concave Series

Forgeline's three piece modular forged concave wheels feature deep concave profiles for a modern muscular look. We custom-build these deep dish concave wheels from forged 6061-T6 aluminum in 18", 19", 20", and 21" diameters to fit virtually any application!

Concave Reverse

Our original Concave Series designs feature traditional rim registers that are paired with flat-lip "reverse" outer rims.

CV3C Concave

GA3C Concave

RB3C Concave

VX3C Concave

DE3C Concave

CF3C Concave

SC3C Concave

GT3C Concave

MS3C Concave

ML3C Concave

FF3C Concave

Concave Stepped Lip

Our Concave Stepped Lip Series designs feature special redesigned centers with extra-long spokes that extend beyond the rim register and reach out over the step in a standard "stepped-lip" outer rim.

GA3C-SL Stepped Lip

RB3C-SL Stepped Lip

VX3C-SL Stepped Lip

DE3C-SL Stepped Lip

CF3C-SL Stepped Lip

SC3C-SL Stepped Lip

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