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If you've ever dreamed of an all-American Supercar, then this one is for you. Made in Michigan, the Falcon F7 features an all carbon-fiber body, aluminum/carbon fiber monocoque chassis, billet suspension, hand-crafted interior, and extreme power to weight ratio. It weighs only 2785 pounds and is powered by a 7.0 liter V8 engine that delivers a total of 620 HP at 6600 rpm and 585 lb-ft of torque at 5400 rpm. The Falcon F7 sprints from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.3 seconds and can hit a top speed between 190 to 200 mph. Of course, a car like this would only use the best wheels, and they've chosen the Forgeline SC3C Concave, 20x10 in the front and 20x13 in the rear, finished with Transparent Smoke centers, Polished outers, and custom engraving.
Owner: Falcon Motorsports
Make: Falcon
Model: F7
Year: 2013
State: MI

SC3C Concave

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