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Turner Motorsport took this completely stock 2003 M3 from a clean ordinary example of an E46 M3 to the ultimate Turner dual purpose street and track car with all of the bolt-ons available, including Forgeline wheels, StopTech brakes, Bilstein Coilovers, AA Supercharger, Recaro seats, Supersprint Exhaust and much more. They built this car with two sets of 19-inch Forgeline GW3 wheels; one set for the track with Titanium centers & outers and a second set for the street with Gunmetal centers and Brushed & Clear-Coated outers.
Owner: Turner Motorsport
Make: BMW
Model: M3
Year: 2003
State: CT

GW3 - 17 * 18 * 19 * 20

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