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Revan Racing, Inc. designed and built this 2007 GT500 Convertible Super Snake with a custom built L&M Engines 5.8 Liter engine and Kenne Bell 3.6 liquid cooled supercharger. The car generates 1,012 RWHP and 973 RWTQ on E-85 and is a purpose built standing mile, open track, drag race, and Sunday drive-to-church vehicle. In March of 2012, sporting a set of Forgeline GW3Rs in Matte Black (18x9.5 up front and 18x11 in back), Van Collier, Owner of Revan Racing drove the car to a new World Record for a Supercharged Mustang (NO NITROUS) at 207.7 MPH. Rumor has it they are heading back in October 2012 for another run at The Texas Mile.

UPDATE: In October 2012, Revan returned to the Texas Mile and posted a 220.8! Wow!
Owner: Revan Racing
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Year: 2007
State: FL


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