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Jim Busby

Jim's Ferrari "400GTC" actually started as a rust-free 400i that did not run. Jim and his team performed an extensive rebuild project, striving to create their vision of what a Ferrari GTC version might have been, had it applied to the 400. The result is this amazing build which weighs only 2750 lbs (it started at 4100) and is powered by 5.7L V12 (from a 2002 Ferrari 575) with Ryan Falconer-built port injection and a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission. It rides on Michelin racing slicks mounted on center locking one piece forged monoblock Forgeline CF1 wheels finished in Satin Gold.

Jim reports positively on his team's satisfaction with their Forgeline CF1 wheels, saying, "The Ferrari 400GTC is finished, and we couldn't be happier with our Forgeline wheels. They worked out perfectly and made the look of the car. Forza, the official magazine of Ferrari, is working on a feature article on the car, and they are ecstatic about the wheels. Thanks for a fabulous product."
Owner: Jim Busby
Make: Ferrari
Model: 400i
Year: 1982
State: CA


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