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Speedtech Performance

A 850HP supercharged LS3 stuffed into a 45 year old Camaro can make for a handful in the corners. But the team at Speedtech Performance knows how to tame the wheels and turn just about any piece of classic muscle into a corner carver. They equipped it with their TrackTime package consisting of the Speedtech front subframe, Speedtech tubular control arms, Viking coilovers, Speedtech stabars, forged spindles, Corvette hubs & brakes, Speedtech torque bar, panhard bar locating bracket, and Speedtech articulated rear trailing arms. Their Falken Azenis tires are wrapped around 18-inch Forgeline WC3 wheels finished with Gunmetal centers and Brushed outers.
Owner: Speedtech Performance
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Year: 1968
State: UT

WC3 - 18" Only

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