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Henry Fernandez

1500HP. Seriously. That's what the geniuses at TopSpeed Motorsports have wrung out of Henry's R35 GT-R. They did it by building a super hot 4.4L TSM stroker engine complete with TSM heads, GSC camshafts, AMS ALPHA 16 turbo kit, and 37psi of boost controlled by a Motec ECU. In addition to mind-boggling power, Henry's GT-R is also equipped with JRZ RS Pro Silent coilovers, SPL camber and toe arms, a giant AMS carbon ceramic brake kit, and Forgeline one piece forged monoblock wheels, including a set of 20x10/20x12s for the street plus an extra set of 18x12s in the rear for the drag strip.
Owner: Henry Fernandez
Make: Nissan
Model: GT-R
Year: 2012
State: TX


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